Streets Ahead

We envision a more vibrant, equitable streetscape for New York City.


Streets Ahead is a year-long effort advancing ideas and proposals to envision a more vibrant, equitable streetscape. Over the past year, the Forum has hosted field studies, local dialogues, and international exchanges to catalyze new ideas for New York’s streets.

The last two years in New York have shown the tremendous capacity of our city streets.

As the City was struck by COVID-19, we saw seismic shifts in the fabric of our neighborhoods. Street life suffered as New Yorkers stayed home, e-commerce soared, businesses and bustling retail corridors shuttered, and transit emptied. Yet neighborhood streets became a site of support for New Yorkers. Mutual aid networks distributed food and activated community fridges. Demonstrators marched in support of the Movement for Black Lives. Artists memorialized friends and neighbors lost. Our streets also became sites to socialize, dine, exercise, and play.

We show our values on our streets.

In one of the most densely populated cities in the country, our streets are our greatest opportunity for public space and public benefit. We believe that equity means that every New Yorker has safe and dignified streetscapes, healthy and reliable transportation options, and accessible public amenities like libraries, schools, parks, and healthcare facilities.

To achieve this, we decided to catalyze new ideas for New York City streets in 2023 and 2030. We wanted to illustrate what could be done under the leadership of a visionary two-term mayor, and what could be done tomorrow.

Five Routes to a Thriving City

In May 2022, we released our platform of ideas, Five Routes to a Thriving City.

Created in collaboration with Working Groups of nearly 50 New Yorkers, these ideas envision New York’s streets through the lenses of Commerce, Culture, Climate, Care and Continuity to inspire our City to think big for the future of our streets. This platform is meant to serve as a hopeful provocation and a tool to work together to achieve the city we want to live in. Join us in imagining the future of New York’s streets and in charting the path forward.

Five Routes


Streets can help revitalize our city’s small business community and support the economic recovery of the city.


Streets can support cultural expression and creative activation.


Streets can help New York City confront the climate crisis.


Streets can center safety, care, and healing for New Yorkers of all ages, races, and abilities.


Streets can build connected communities.

How We Worked

In May 2021, we released our Streets Ahead Call for Action. We asked our Fellows: How can we transform streets to build connected communities? Following the Call for Action, we convened interdisciplinary Working Groups to advance a set of visionary proposals and tools for a more vibrant, equitable streetscape.

Working Groups

Meet our group of designers, planners, artists, and advocates with extensive experience shaping the streetscapes of our city.

Co-Chairs’ Letter

To celebrate the closing of the series, our Co-Chairs reflected on the convening power of our initiative, and new possibilities for the future of our streets in “The New Story of Our Streets.”


On July 14, join us for drinks and a discussion to celebrate the conclusion of our Streets Ahead roundtables.
On June 22, come celebrate the release of our ideas on how to shape future streets for care.
On June 8, join us for a roundtable discussion on shaping future streets for climate.
On May 18, join to discuss shaping future streets for commerce.
On May 4, join us to discuss shaping future streets for culture.
On May 29, join us and PCA-STREAM to discuss an ambitious proposal to transform the Champs Élysées.
On March 10, join us for a discussion on climate-resilient streets in Medellín.
On February 24, join us and Global Designing Cities Initiative to discuss streets in Fortaleza.
On January 20, learn street design in Barcelona that is creating safe and sustainable neighborhoods.
On December 2, tour Moynihan Train Hall and discuss the future of Penn Station.
On November 19, join us on Broadway to discuss new streetscape activations and future opportunities.
On November 9, join us and NYC DOT for a presentation of the Broadway Vision Plan.
On October 21, join us in Bed-Stuy to explore existing and future streetscape activations.
On October 14, join us in Jackson Heights to explore existing and future streetscape activations.
On October 8, join us in Meatpacking to discuss future and existing streetscape activations.
On October 29, join us for a presentation of the SoHo Broadway Public Realm Vision Plan.
On October 13, join us and Downtown Brooklyn Partnership for a presentation of the Downtown Brooklyn Public Realm Action Plan.
On September 14, join us for a neighborhood walking tour in the Lower East Side.
On July 29, join us for a neighborhood walking tour in Hudson Square.

About Next New York 

The Next New York series is an annual inquiry into a defining issue facing the city. 

Each year, through local dialogues, international exchanges, and interdisciplinary working groups, we work to catalyze new ideas for New York’s built environment. Ideas that emerge inform programs, collaborations with city agencies, and pilot projects to inspire fresh thinking for the future of the city.