Next New York

Next New York rallies New Yorkers to confront the defining issues facing the city. We gather our Fellows for candid conversations and convene working groups to develop forward-thinking policy ideas.



Join us for a roundtable discussion on decarbonizing homes citywide with Chris Benedict, Paul Garrin, Diana Hernandez, Jennifer Leone, and Pallavi Mantha.
Join us for a roundtable discussion on circular design and embodied carbon with Kaja Kühl, Amy Seek, and Jonce Walker.
Join us for a discussion with Costa Constantinides, Eunice Ko, Laura Popa, and Daphany Rose Sanchez on the power of organizing to shape new climate policy.
For the finale of our Good Form program series: How should New York City embed health equity into every design and development process over the next decade?
A person sits on a bench in a tranquil public park next to a river as a boat passes by.
How can trauma-informed public space design improve the mental health and wellbeing of all New Yorkers?
How can we tackle respiratory health disparities with new investments in building and streetscape improvements?


Posted — March 16, 2021
Posted — November 5, 2019
Posted — November 5, 2019
Posted — November 5, 2019