Our new Global Exchange fellowship for mid-career executives will survey the world to shape New York City’s future, starting with our housing crisis.

This new nine-month fellowship will invest in 40 rising leaders across design, development, policy, law, advocacy and journalism to build bridges between New York City and its peer cities, uncover cutting-edge projects, and demand courageous public policy. 

This year’s fellowship, Big Swings, seeks to build solidarity between leaders in New York and other cities taking “big swings” at their housing crises. By exploring the cultures and politics behind housing shifts around the world, we will equip decision-makers to better advocate for reform. Our goal is to complement the diligent work of local leaders, weave together diverse perspectives, and support a new generation of leaders to house every New Yorker. 

Key Questions

Fellows will form working groups based on their interests and expertise focused on these intersecting housing challenges: 

Deepening Affordability: How are cities promoting affordability through mechanisms like rent regulation, community ownership, creative financing and public-private partnership? 

Welcoming New Arrivals: How are cities housing newly-arrived asylum seekers and supporting them to root within communities?  

Advancing Green Solutions: How are cities creatively confronting the dual challenge of delivering housing while also limiting carbon emissions?

Cutting Red Tape: How are cities removing onerous regulations and streamlining zoning codes to build the kinds of housing most needed? 

Building Buy-In: How are cities engaging local communities to overcome the fear of neighborhood change to achieve successful infill development? 

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Join a cohort of 40 rising leaders to energize the public conversation on housing with fresh ideas and messaging. Apply now!

Global Fellows are mid-career professionals in or entering executive leadership within their firms, with 10 to 20 years of experience. Fellows are seeking opportunities to develop their leadership, knowledge  insights and networks through cutting-edge comparative research and interface with a broad range of housing stakeholders. 

Application Deadline: June 21, 2024

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Support Our Work

Global Exchange is made possible through support of Jamie von Klemperer and KPF, Turner Construction, and our Global Circle: a distinguished group of senior civic, industry and philanthropic leaders who have helped to launch this program and drive the international conversation. 

Circle members gather for events with esteemed speakers, travel together to a peer city, and connect New York’s decision-makers with their counterparts around the world. Their financial leadership enables us to offer the fellowship for free to advocates, public servants and journalists who need to be at the table. 

Members receive benefits including network building, thought leadership, nomination of fellows, and visibility. For more information about how to join this league of supporters, along with a list of support tiers and benefits, please contact Stacey Anderson, stacey@urbandesignforum.org

Thank you to our Founding Circle members.

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