Private Development, Public Good

Cities around the world are leveraging private development to build new neighborhoods, public spaces, transit networks and social housing.


On our 40th anniversary, the Urban Design Forum launches a new Global Exchange program, aiming to foster dialogue between New York and its peer cities as they pioneer new approaches to housing, infrastructure and open space.


On November 18, Fellows were invited for cocktails and conversation with Duncan Pescod and Luke Fox on building a new waterfront cultural district in Hong Kong.
On November 6, our Fellows were invited for cocktails and conversation with Mayor Jane Castor, James Nozar and Elizabeth Randall on advancing wellness through urbanism in Tampa, Florida.
On October 15, Fellows joined us for cocktails and conversation with Chris Glaisek on building a new flood resilient waterfront for Toronto.
On June 10, Jay Cross, Justin Davidson, Dan Doctoroff, Bridget Fisher, Meredith Kane and Lynne Sagalyn debated the largest private real estate development project in the nation.
On November 13, we welcomed David Partridge and Vishaan Chakrabarti for a conversation on building London’s latest mixed-use neighborhood, King’s Cross.
On October 10, we welcomed Andrew Wilson, Ivan Harbour and Jay Cross for cocktails and conversation about climate-neutral development in Sydney, Australia.
On September 12, we welcomed developer Paul Paradis and architects Fred Clarke and Marilyn Jordan Taylor for cocktails and conversation about building a new transit district in San Francisco.
On October 24, we were joined by Marc Vlessing, Michael Sorkin and Beatrice Sibblies for cocktails and conversation on building affordable housing in London.
On June 27, we welcomed Xin (Shynn) Zhang and critic Joseph Giovannini for a conversation on advancing urban design in Beijing and Shanghai.