Cooperative Works

Our fifth Forefront Fellowship explores how to support MWBEs and workers of color, expand worker cooperatives, and democratize economic resources to build a more inclusive economy.


In partnership with the Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives and the Mayor’s Office of M/WBE, Fellows will investigate how to create economic opportunity for MWBEs and employee-owned businesses through climate investment, leveraging Local Law 97. How can New York City advance economic justice in its coronavirus recovery? And how can the city leverage investment in climate action, infrastructure, and new industries to generate wealth in low-income neighborhoods?


On March 18, Forefront Fellows hosted a discussion on creative strategies to support business conversions to employee ownership. 
On June 17, join Kizzy Charles-Guzman, Tonya Gayle and the 2020 Forefront Fellows for a discussion on building a just, green economy in New York City.
On February 18, Forefront Fellows hosted a workshop investigating how the 15-minute neighborhood framework can build community power and support a resilient recovery in New York. As New Yorkers face the triple threat of COVID-19, the climate crisis, and economic inequality, planners, designers and policy-makers are exploring solutions for a just, green recovery. The 15-minute […]
On February 18, Forefront Fellows hosted a cross-sectoral discussion on building a pipeline for green careers through investment in public infrastructure. Historically in moments of economic downturn, the investment, construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure has been leveraged as a key mechanism for job creation and workforce development — from the New Deal of the […]
Join us for a lunchtime discussion with the 2020 Forefront Fellows on investing in an inclusive green economy in New York City. This year, our Forefront Fellows partnered with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives and Mayor’s Office of M/WBE to collect creative recommendations on channeling investment in building retrofits to MWBEs, employee owned businesses, […]
On June 23, candidates interested in the 2020 Forefront Fellowship, Cooperative Works, are welcome to attend a digital information session to learn more about the program.


Posted — June 17, 2021
Posted — June 17, 2021
Posted — June 17, 2021

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