21 Visions for 2021

New York City can transform its approach to urban design to achieve housing equity, economic justice, and environmental health.

Since its initial launch in 2019, Urban Design Forum’s Shape Shift series explored challenges and opportunities for the future of design and development in New York City. We gathered experts to study historical planning policies and convened national and international leaders advancing radical planning reforms.

Throughout 2020, we convened a multiracial and multigenerational group of civic leaders to advise us on the future of equitable development and planning. The culminating agenda, 21 Visions for 2021, serves as both a resource and a call to action for New York City’s next leadership.

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Complete Neighborhoods:
How can the next mayor plan a fairer future for every neighborhood?

Advisors: Annie Levers, Michael Freedman-Schnapp, Moses Gates, Chris Rice, Marlon Williams, Elena Conte

Design Excellence:
How can the next mayor support excellent design of public infrastructure and buildings in every neighborhood?

Advisors: Koray Duman, Ishita Gaur, Beth Greenberg, Justin Garrett Moore, Jack Robbins, Wes Walker

Community Engagement:
How can the next mayor empower residents to have a more meaningful voice in the future of their neighborhoods?

Advisors: Braden Crooks, Farzana Gandhi, Teresa Gonzalez, Priyanka Jain, Tiasia O’Brien, Andrea Steele

Good Growth:
How can the next mayor welcome new development that broadly benefits a neighborhood?

Advisors: Caroline Harris, Asima Jansveld, Meredith Kane, James Lima, AJ Pires, Laura Wolf-Powers

Right to Housing:
How can the next mayor ensure that every New Yorker has a permanent and healthy home?

Advisors: Eva Neubauer Alligood, Alex Garvin, Bernell Grier, Brian Loughlin, Oksana Mironova, Traci Sanders, Pablo Zevallos

Climate Strategy:
How can the next mayor deploy urban design and community organizing to address climate risk in under-resourced communities?

Advisors: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Lee Altman, Sarah Charlop-Powers, Jalisa Gilmore, Jeff Hebert, Elijah Hutchinson, Daphne Lundi, Pallavi Mantha, Byron Stigge

Working Neighborhoods:
How can the next mayor build an equitable economy following the pandemic?

Advisors: Kei Hayashi, Oliver Schaper, Julie Stein, May Yu, Lourdes Zapata, Beatrice Sibblies

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