Work Force: Urban Design for the Evolving Economy

In 2018-2019, the Urban Design Forum gathered its Fellows and other experts to consider how New York City can use creative zoning, investments in the public realm, and new infrastructure to enhance economic outcomes for all.

The proposals presented throughout the Work Force series are meant to serve as a menu of ideas and goals for building equitable economic development. They range from policy to design to neighborhood-scale projects, which we hope will ignite debate.

New York City’s economic future is uncertain, and the urgency to shape a collective vision for an equitable city is paramount.


Storefronts ↓

Create a Fund to Support Local Retail
Lena Afridi

Deliver Neighborhood Retail in an Online World
David Gilford

Update City Codes for Retail Transformation
Larisa Ortiz


Night Realm ↓

Manage the Urban Night
Andreina Seijas

Placemaking After Dark
Leni Schwendinger, with Daleana Vega Martinez & Fatima Terin

Temporal Zoning for the 24-Hour City
Luc Wilson


Industrial ↓

Zoning for Jobs: Strengthening Industrial Land Use Policy
Armando Moritz-Chapelliquen

Adapt Industrial Zones for Climate Risk
Toby Sheppard Bloch

Leverage the Industrial Sector for a Sustainable Future
Eric Ottaway, Charles Boyce & Tom Outerbridge

Create Zoning Models to Co-locate Office and Makerspace
Jeff Fronek


Coworking ↓

Coworking as a Framework for a Thriving Workplace
Pete Bacevice

Justice for All
Bill Bouchey

Invest in Safe Spaces for Black Innovation
Regina Smith


Life Sciences ↓

Support Connections to Strengthen Life Sciences Hubs
Yasmeen Ahmed Pattie

Flexible Space for Future Growth
Rafael Viñoly Architects


Outerborough Live/Work Districts ↓

NYCHA LiveWorks: Incubating Affordable Workspaces within Affordable Housing Communities
Stephen Fan

An Equity Plan for Developing a Live-Work Neighborhood
AJ Pires

Downtown Brooklyn: A Long-term Vision
Interview with Marisa Lago & Regina Myer


Featured Projects ↓

The New Industrial Campus

The New Lab: A Repurposed Hub for 21st Century Creative Design
Marvel Architects

Dock 72: A new building typology for the IBZ
S9 Architecture

Design Flexible Space for Business Growth

Attracting a Creative Workforce Through Neighborhood-specific Design

Strengthening Downtown Brooklyn’s Cultural District
Andrea Steele


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