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Good Form Posters

Four Strategies for Healthier New York City

Our latest publication, Good Form: 73 Ideas for a Healthier New York City, compiles a menu of ideas and case studies for addressing health disparities through neighborhood planning. 

To accompany the report, we are pleased to release a series of four posters illustrating some of the creative strategies our Fellows have proposed across their four working groups: Fresh Air, Active Places, Safe Experiences, and Spaces for Healing. From service-oriented parks to leveraging anchor institutions, these proposals explore the role the built environment can play in improving physical and mental health outcomes

From Active Places: Leverage hospitals and universities to invest in public spaces.
From Fresh Air: Install electric charging stations in areas with high asthma rates.
From Safe Experiences: Reimagine parks and open spaces as hubs for mental health support.
From Spaces for Healing: Integrate nature into public transit to encourage wellness and safety.

Poster design by Partner & Partners.