On March 27, Fellows joined us for drinks and debate on building New York City’s life sciences economy.

The growth of New York City’s life science economy has accelerated in recent years. From tax incentives to flexible land use, the City and State have taken steps to facilitate this expansion, learning from established hubs like Boston and San Francisco. With leading academic institutions and available capital, research & development clusters have formed throughout Manhattan’s West Side and Kips Bay to cultivate New York’s talented life science workforce.

The accommodation of life science facilities requires specific building types to support laboratory space. How might we adapt old commercial zones in Manhattan to attract this new industry? With a growing startup landscape, how can we finance life science development to provide affordable and flexible space for sustainable growth? And while New York develops new clusters throughout the city, what kinds of infrastructure and open space can encourage connectivity with adjacent industries?


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The Urban Design Forum promotes conversation between invited civic leaders, designers, developers and advocates. Forum Fellows are welcome to invite one additional guest to attend. Tickets to this event are non-transferable.


About Work Force

Living Core is the seventh event of our Work Force series. As the City implements the “New York Works” plan and rezones outer borough business and industrial districts, the Forum considers how creative zoning, public realm investments, and new infrastructure might enhance economic outcomes for all.

This program is made possible through the support of our Director’s Circle. Shape our year-long inquiry and promote conversation between our Fellows and invited decision-makers. To learn more, please contact Daniel McPhee, Executive Director, 646-928-0553 or daniel@urbandesignforum.org.


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Aislinn Weidele / Ennead Architects