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Building an equitable economy in New York City requires a groundbreaking approach to urban design. The Forum invites you to advance designs, policy initiatives and creative financing ideas focused on the evolving economy. How can we use creative zoning, investment in the public realm, and new infrastructure to enhance economic outcomes for all?
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Factoring In

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On May 29, we hosted a debate on the future of industrial zones in New York City with Andrew Chung, Armando Moritz-Chapelliquen, Toby Moskovits and Toby Sheppard Bloch.

Living Core

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Join us for a roundtable discussion on building New York's life science economy.

Night Shift

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On December 12, we hosted a roundtable conversation with the new NYC Nightlife Mayor Ariel Palitz, Danny Pearlstein, Leni Schwendinger, Andreina Seijas, and Luc Wilson on designing an inclusive and equitable night realm.

Fellows Tour: 25 Kent

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On November 29, Fellows enjoyed breakfast and a tour of 25 Kent with architects Joseph Brancato and Anne-Sophie Hall, and developers Jeff Fronek and Toby Moskovits.
On November 8, Lena Afridi, Andrew Deitchman, David Gilford, Larisa Ortiz and Eldon Scott shared their proposals for strengthening small businesses and designing the retail experience with SBS Commissioner Gregg Bishop.
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Manage the Urban Night

Proposal ▻ Work Force
City governments should advocate for nighttime cultural and commercial spaces by actively managing the urban night through regulation, design and infrastructure.

The New Industrial Campus

Proposal ▻ Work Force
By combining a new approach to vertical manufacturing and integrating valuable public space and amenities, multi-modal transit and streetscapes, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is positioned to become a new model of urban industrial campus.