Urban Experience Design

Red Hook Link app interface sketch (Eugeina Di Girolamo)

Our inaugural Forefront class spent the past year meeting with Carto, Intersection, Kickstarter, Sidewalk Labs, and NYU CUSP to discuss how smart city technology is changing the way we experience and build cities. We are excited to publish the cohort’s proposals, ideas and critiques on design in the digital era.

Congratulations to our inaugural class of Forefront Fellows for their dedication and hard work. We look forward to their input in the Forum for years to come!


Economic Development ↓

Link to Innovation or Gentrification Express?
Lena Afridi

The New Manufacturing Sector: Made for All New Yorkers?
Nolan Levenson

Will the Era of Automation Establish a New Living Wage?
Sabina Uffer


Housing ↓

What does Smart Home Tech Bring to You?
Henry Grabar

Aging Better with Technology
Lindsey Realmuto

Housing Resilience Through Adaptability
Jessica Mathew


Mobility ↓

Should the City Boost Private Transit Technology to Serve Red Hook?
Corinne Kisner & Erin Lonoff

Red Hook Link: A Proposal
Eugenia Di Girolamo


Preservation ↓

Mainstreaming Preservation
Sagi Golan & Lucrecia Montemayor

A New Kind of Hospital Room
Alan Waxman


Public Space ↓

New York Hates You: Trump and the Occupation of Fifth Avenue’s Public Space
Katie Lorah

Designing Just Spaces
Ifeoma Ebo


Resiliency ↓

Resiliency and…
Jeremy Siegel

Can We Plan for Tomorrow with Today’s Technology?
Tiffany-Ann Taylor