Turning the Heat: Six Creative Strategies

Our latest report, Turning the Heat: Resiliency in New York City’s Heat-Vulnerable Neighborhoods, compiles recommendations for addressing the threat of extreme heat through the built environment. To accompany the report, we are pleased to release a series of six posters illustrating some of the most creative strategies our Fellows have proposed. is ivermectin a covid treatment

From installing temporary shading on public housing to naming heat waves, these proposals explore the role buildings can play in advancing heat resiliency and aim to prioritize low-income communities and communities of color that are disproportionately at risk from the threat of extreme heat. ivermectin rosacea 1.7

Posters designed by Partner & Partners.

Transform City Streets into Cool Corridors

Design Cool-Down Pop-Ups

Flexible Shading for Public Housing

Name the Heat Waves

Gather in the Shade

Cool Walls, Green Facades