About Neighborhoods Now
In collaboration with the Urban Design Forum, Neighborhoods Now connects neighborhoods hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic with leading design firms. In Bed-Stuy, Jackson Heights, Kingsbridge, and Washington Heights, these working groups are collaborating to develop safe and effective reopening strategies.
The outcomes are a set of design recommendations, prototypes, and installations empowering communities to respond to their immediate needs, while contributing to the city-wide strategy on pandemic response. In some neighborhoods, prototypes have already been implemented, and Van Alen and Urban Design Forum are actively fundraising to support additional implementation.
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Working Groups ↓

Community Partner: Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC)

Coordinating Firm: COOKFOX

Supporting Firms: Design Advocates (Space 4 Architecture, Architensions, Brandt : Haferd, Future Expansion Architects, Michael K. Chen Architecture, New Affiliates); MNLAPerkins & WillScalar ArchitectureStudio Libeskind

Proposal ↓

CLOTH identified the following priorities:

  • Financial relief and SBA loans
  • Legal consultation against landlord harassment
  • Assistance in navigating government guides, resources, and regulations
  • Stronger network of community assets including cultural institutions, open spaces, and business associations
  • Neighborhood beautification and marketing campaign

With Kingsbridge’s cultural vibrancy in mind, the NWBCCC working group proposed a “civic space action plan” that provides cultural and community organizations with a roadmap for how to safely return, organize, and participate in civic life. This plan includes collaboration with local artists and youth groups, a kit-of-parts intervention to extend the retail and restaurant footprints, and outdoor activations such as pop-up markets to drive foot traffic to small businesses.

Over the summer, the working group organized a seminar for small businesses on how to apply for relief loans. They are now also sourcing materials for a kit-of-parts that can be used for programming by Word Up Community Bookshop, an important neighborhood civic space.

In-kind donations were provided by Greengage Urbanscape, Ltd.

See the full Kingsbridge working group’s report (PDF)

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Caption: Construction of a prototype for a barrier seating system made from plywood. Courtesy; Cameron Blaylock