Open (Your) Heart

Project Team: Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects

Open (Your) Heart is about the greatest love of all – the love of self and what follows – the ability to love others, particularly the most vulnerable amongst us.

We want to use the universal and powerful emotion of love to provide a sense of common connection to those outside our protective circles of family and friends – to reach beyond our safety zones and engage publicly. Open (Your) Heart is an iconic symbol. Starting in the closed position on February 9, the lattice structure of the “Closed Heart” will be fully clad with an “armor” of small scroll notes asking the public to take one and unburden the heart. The notes may simply ask – “Have you ever talked to your neighbor?”; “Have you explained to a family member that voted for the opposing candidate, what matters to you as a citizen?”; “Could you donate time or money to a cause?”; “What does Public Space mean to you?”; “What is the difference between equality and equity and does it matter?”. As the notes are taken and the armor of the Closed Heart removed, the heart will transition on February 14th into “Open Heart”, separating into 4 (Four) pieces and providing the backdrop to critical dialogue and questioning as well as a celebration of openness to the world around us. In an election year marked by vitriolic, denigrating and divisive language, we seek to break down barriers, make connections and capture an opportunity to engage public space.