Onward: Mobility in the Next New York

In the fall of 2016, the Urban Design Forum invited its Fellows and experts to help us craft a vision for the future of mobility in New York City. Within these pages, you’ll find an inventory of imaginative thinking on what our city’s transportation landscape could be. Here is a directory of our city’s most creative designers, public heroes, pioneering technologists, and grassroots organizers eager to animate our public realm and blaze new trails for isolated communities. Scattered throughout are three essays that comment on the relationships between mobility and community planning, social justice and urban form.

Our aim in presenting them is to ignite a debate about how to build a more connected New York. Please continue to share your ideas with us. Let’s drive toward a more accessible, equitable and sustainable city. Onward!


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Places ↓

Future Living: Possibilities and Priorities in Transportation
Shin-pei Tsay

Activate Our Subway Stations
Tim Braine

Transform Gas Stations into Civic Beacons
Andrew Burdick & Kyle Graham

Reveal Penn Palimpsest
Vishaan Chakrabarti

Grow the Green Line
Jonathan Cohn

Access Transit Information in Red Hook
Eugenia Di Girolamo

Revive Harlem Lane
Alexander Garvin

Green the Streets for Shade and Stormwater
Alloy & Gowanus Canal Conservancy

Merge the Broadway Malls
Noemie LaFaurie-Debany

Plant The FOREX
Catherine Seavitt Nordenson

Reimagine the Brooklyn Strand
Claire Weisz & Jacob Dugopolski


Routes ↓

Incomplete Streets: Who’s Missing from “Complete Streets?”
Stephen Zavestoski & Julian Agyeman

Revamp the L Train
Richard Barone

Weave New Rail Through Queens
Elizabeth S. Crowley

Look to the Sky in Staten Island
Steven Grillo

Stroll Along Fourteenth
Transportation Alternatives

Create the 42nd Street Grand Passage
Karen Listowsky, Alfred Peter, & Charles Bové

Connect the Brooklyn and Queens Waterfronts
Friends of the BQX

Ring Around the Harbor
Mike Lydon

Connect Underserved Neighborhoods
Jack Robbins

Link Upper Manhattan and the Bronx
Ydanis Rodriguez

Build for Growth on the Bay Ridge Branch
Oliver Schaper

Stop Bike-Lock from Choking Manhattan
Sam Schwartz & Gerard Soffian

Unlock Equitable Transit for the Autonomous Age
Jeffrey Shumaker

Move Our Trash Fast
Juliette Spertus

Unify Our Regional Rail Networks
Jim Venturi

Turn Crisis into Opportunity with BRT
Annie Weinstock


Systems ↓

The Urban Digital Transformation: A Perspective for the Next 25 Years
Rohit T. Aggarwala

Ease Congestion with Microtransit
Alex Armlovich

Advance Fair Fares For All
Rebecca Bailin

Move Our Buses at the Speed of New York
David Bragdon & Tabitha Decker

Provide On-Demand Paratransit
Sarah Kaufman

Electrify Our Transit Network
Adam Lubinsky

Reform the Curb
Transportation Alternatives

Dedicate Our Streets
Margaret Newman

Zone for Mass Transit
Robert Paley

Offer All the Options in One App
Eric Rothman & Martin Leung

Free the Streets from Freight
Paul Salama

Reserve the Curb for Green Loading
Paul Salama

Reclaim Street Space in the Driverless City
FXCollaborative & Sam Schwartz Engineering

Reinvent the Traffic Light
Paolo Santi

Deliver Goods By Subway

Deploy an Electric Car Network
Sabina Uffer

Expand Our Bike Share Network
Jay Walder


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Daniel McPhee

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Date: February 2018
Size: 7″ x 8.5″
Pages: 150
ISBN: 978-0-9791869-0-5