Maintaining: Public Works in the Next New York

In 2017-18, we invited our Fellows and other experts to consider the question of maintaining New York City’s essential infrastructure: its open spaces, roadways, subway stations, public housing, commercial corridors, and green infrastructure.

This book presents the proposals made throughout the series, as well as a number of case studies from cities around the world. This is not meant to be a blueprint for a fully functioning metropolis, or a takedown of imperfect government agencies. Instead you will find a menu of creative options to manage our city’s maintenance challenges. Here is a directory of imaginative designers, promising politicos, and pioneering technologists.

Our aim in presenting these ideas is to ignite a debate about how to build a more just and equitable city.

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Essays ↓

Maintenance: A Culture and a Choice
Deborah Marton

A Plea to End the Crisis Narrative
Jamie Maslyn Larson

Philosophies of the Material World
Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Hilary Sample and Caroline Bauer

Disinvestment by Design
Braden Crooks and April De Simone

Caring for our City
Daniel McPhee

Parks ↓

Margaret Tobin

Bake Maintenance into Parks Planning
Andrew Lavallee & Jamie Maslyn Larson

Invest in Equitable Parks
Elissa Hoagland Izmailyan

Not a Park!
Frances Halsband

Transfer Development Rights for the Public Good
Madelyn Wils

Develop a Game Plan for Parks
Pegeen Hanrahan & Carter Strickland

Fund Parks like Critical Infrastructure
Signe Nielsen

Subway Stations ↓

John Raskin

Subway Stations as Social Spaces
Jonathan Cohn & Shao Lun Lin

Deliver Transit and Retail Together
Eve Michel

Brighten Our Subway Stations
Tim Braine

Recapture the Value of Rail Transit
Giancarlo Falcocchio & Constantine Kontokosta

Incentivize Maintenance Through Zoning
Robert Paley

Housing ↓

Theodore Liebman

Develop Without Displacement
Barika X. Williams

Build a Supportive Ecosystem for Community Land Trusts
Gregory Schiefelbein

Use Rezonings to Preserve Public Housing
Michelle de la Uz

Foster Mission-Oriented Ownership
Sam Marks

Apply Technology to Affordability
Scott Anderson

Roadways ↓

Sam Schwartz

Rethink Our Arterials
Margaret Newman

Cap the Expressway
Susannah Drake

Explore Maintenance Approaches
Nicholas Pettinati

Recycle and Reclaim
SOM, City Design Practice

Green Infrastructure ↓

Carter Strickland

Activate a Network of People and Public Space
Andrea Parker

Launch a Citywide Conservancy
Jeremy Alain Siegel

Harness the Power of Citizenship Stewardship
Gita Nandan & Elliott Maltby

Reclaim Common Ground
Foster + Partners

Neighborhoods ↓

Gretchen Dykstra

Turn Development Rights into Landmark Revenue
Lawrence Daitch & Kenneth K. Fisher

Rework the BID as a Kit-of-Parts
Laura Hansen

Beyond Beautification
Lesli Ramos

Strengthen Our Districts Through Partnership
Meredith Almeida

Editors ↓

Daniel McPhee & Emma Ng

Editorial Support ↓

Caroline Bauer & Stephen Martin

Design ↓

Partner & Partners

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July 2019
Size: 7″ x 8.5″
Pages: 217
ISBN: 978-0-9791869-1-2