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Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation


Community Partner: Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation (Restoration)
Current Firms: KPF, Farzana Gandhi Design StudioJames Corner Field Operations
Past Firms: AE SuperlabJB&B

In-kind donations were provided by: The Home Depot, Blondie’s Treehouse

2022 Project Scope

The Restoration team will develop new financial and spatial resources for the Brooklyn Business Center (BBC) at Restoration, in order to support small businesses in Brooklyn and build BBC’s capacity to share compelling success stories that inspire other local entrepreneurs.

2020-21 Goals and Outcomes

This team worked on interior reconfigurations for Restoration and explored ways to aid broader neighborhood recovery efforts.

Posters and Wayfinding
Working with Partner & Partners, the team provided signage indicating social distancing protocols and circulation recommendations with clear and consistent graphics and language for distribution throughout the Restoration buildings. Pamphlets designed by the team were printed and distributed to staff and the community.

Small Business Workshop
The team hosted a virtual small business workshop open to the community to disseminate best practices and opportunities for indoor and outdoor dining and retail, along with NYC’s Open Streets portal. They also introduced their Be A Good Neighbor program that proposes swapping sidewalk rights.

Office Safety
The team provided layout recommendations for Restoration’s Tax Preparation Center to accommodate clients who required in-person services and recommendations on air purifiers and DIY ventilation strategies.

Open Space
The team sourced pro bono materials to install planters in Restoration Plaza and proposed an Adopt-a-Wall program for residents to create art for the plaza.

2020 Report