Project Team: Ekene Ijeoma, Natalie Haddad, Jeian Jeong, Adam Paikowsky

Heartfelt is a participatory public art project which prompts two or more participants to put away their phones and hold hands to light up Times Square, the heart of NYC. New York City is one of the most diverse cities yet one of the most segregated. On top of that social media has made us feel more connected yet distanced from each other especially in public spaces. When participants hold the conductive rods while shaking hands or kissing, electricity flows through them turning on the red lights inside the boxes. Speakers below the rods also sound out notes in harmony. The more who interact, the more lights, sounds, and hearts are felt. Heartfelt is made up of white acrylic boxes mounted on chrome rods. Through an anamorphic effect, the boxes come together to make a heart from one perspective and random shapes from other.