On February 28th, we welcomed Fellows for drinks and debate about the impact of coworking on New York City neighborhoods.

The rapid expansion of creative and tech sectors in New York City has led to an evolution in workplace design. As an alternative to the 20th century corporate workplace, coworking promises community, cohabitation, and collaboration. The coworking model overcomes the sterility of partitioned layouts in traditional office design and offers an escape from the isolation of home work for a growing freelance workforce.

The ubiquity of this new typology has reshaped the built environment, integrating work spaces into industrial buildings, cafés, and hotel lobbies. How should cities design neighborhoods as work environments decentralize and boundaries blur between work and city life? How can we develop new affordable workspace to stimulate equitable economic development? And how can we design workplaces that anticipate new economic sectors?


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About Work Force

Replacing the Workplace is the sixth event of our Work Force series. As the City implements the “New York Works” plan and rezones outer borough business and industrial districts, the Forum considers how creative zoning, public realm investments, and new infrastructure might enhance economic outcomes for all.

This program is made possible through the support of our Director’s Circle. Shape our year-long inquiry and promote conversation between our Fellows and invited decision-makers. To learn more, please contact Daniel McPhee, Executive Director, 646-928-0553 or daniel@urbandesignforum.org.


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