By the City/For the City

The By the City/For the City projected started with a simple idea: anybody that has walked the streets of New York has at one point imagined how the built form could be changed to make a better city. This publication, which led up to the first-ever Urban Design Week festival in 2011, is an index of the 602 ideas that the general public submitted. The issues discussed in this book include accessibility, beauty, connectivity, enjoyment, and social equity.

From Planetizen: “This unique book is a collection of ‘schemes & dreams’; ideas from everyday people around the world about how New York City should evolve and grow realized by designers and architects. Kitchen sink ideas include everything from planters hung from the back of billboards to turning unused space in Staten Island ferries into floating museums (with cocktails, of course). The Institute for Urban Design has done a wonderful job of presenting these out-of-the-box ideas in a way that can inspire tactical urbanists and professional planners to think differently.”

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By the City/For the City: An Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York: