Beyond the Cell-fie

AW Ecosocial Design is preventing violence and chronic disease by way of urban design / performance / mapping / design education.

Project Team: Alan Waxman, Rob Daurio, Carl Belizaire, Donnell Brighton, Flexx Dancin, Tameel Marshall, Sean Turner

When we leave our “cell-fie,” our self-reflective room, we find each other reflected together under the same canopy; and at center, under a heart shaped void, we encounter one another. Each cell-fie is a repurposed phone booth lined with one way mirror film such that from outside the booth everyone can see in, but inside the booth the user only sees herself. The height of the booth corresponds with the relative number of one of seven segments of society in New York City.

Cell-fie Convicts: 77,000 people (10’ high)
Cell-fie Waitresses/Waiters/Bartenders: 75,000 (9’8”)
Cell-fie Teachers: 73,000 (9’4”)
Cell-fie Home Health Aides: 70,000 (8’10”)
Cell-fie Hospital Patients in Bed: 60,000 (7’2”)
Cell-fie Bankers: 50,000 (5’9”)
Cell-fie Policepeople/Firepeople: 45,000 (5’)