Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido

Jahn Architecture


Fellow since 2016

Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido, shares design leadership of the firm’s work with the internationally acclaimed architect Helmut Jahn. In his approach, Gonzalez-Pulido strives for minimizing building design to the essentials, so logic, lightness and performance prevail. He approaches each project with the belief that the architectural and engineering ideas and principles are equal in challenging and ultimately transforming a place or an experience. He currently holds a degree in architecture from ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education) and a Master’s degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. With more than fifteen years with the firm, Gonzalez-Pulido has won recognition for his efforts, including being named one of the Ten Most Promising Mexican Architects by OBRAS magazine. Gonzalez-Pulido has lectured at universities, museums and architectural forums in Mexico, Spain, Korea and the United States. He co-taught an integrated design studio with Werner Sobek at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture in Chicago.