A Crucial Yet Overlooked Benefit of the BQX

Tom Wright argues that the most overlooked benefit to the BQX is resiliency.

“Importantly, being at street level makes it much easier to recover from flooding that many of the subways, including the L train, endured when Sandy flooded below-ground stations. Water won’t need to be pumped out, and any components that need repair will be easily accessible.

In addition, the track bed will be built from a thick concrete base that is capable of withstanding regular wear and tear and New York’s hot summers and snowy winters. More than one million New Yorkers live in communities vulnerable to future storms. The BQX would ensure that the roughly 400,000 people along this corridor, and the 300,000 who work there, have a reliable form of transit that can quickly be up and running following a major flood.”


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A Crucial Yet Overlooked Benefit of the Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar ProjectCrain’s New York


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