For the second event of our Maintaining inquiry, we were joined by Danny Fuchs, Jennifer Godzeno, Ronnie Lowenstein, Preston Niblack and Henry Grabar for an investigation into how the city budget impacts the built form of New York City.

The New York City budget starts from scratch every year. Tasked with allocating resources to services and infrastructures that run the city, the details of this enormous undertaking are not common knowledge. How does the city budget process affect our daily lives? How do City agencies participate in the process? Are they forced to compete with one another, or allowed to collaborate? Is there room for improvement and innovation?

Henry Grabar moderated a discussion between our panelists that oriented our Fellows to the workings of the city budget and examined how this abstract entity informs the urban landscape.


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Help us craft a vision for maintaining New York City!

Balanced Budget, Balanced City? is the second program of Maintaining, a year-long inquiry into strengthening New York City’s physical and social infrastructure.

Share your ideas about how to care for New York City’s public assets.


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Balanced Budget, Balanced City? was held at the offices of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, where Ken Lewis and Jennifer Pehr, Fellows of the Urban Design Forum, introduced the space and the speakers for the night’s discussion.

Recap coming soon…

SOM Managing Partner, Ken Lewis

SOM City Design Practice Manager, Jennifer Pehr

Ronnie Lowenstein

Jennifer Godzeno

Preston Niblack

Danny Fuchs

Moderator and 2016 Forefront Fellow, Henry Grabar

Panelist, Preston Niblack

2016 Forefront Fellow, Jeremy Siegel

Panelist, Danny Fuchs

2017 Forefront Fellow, Sreoshy Banerjea

Panelist, Jennifer Godzeno

2016 Forefront Fellow, Sagi Golan

Panelist, Ronnie Lowenstein

Urban Design Forum Executive, Dan McPhee