Join Urban Design Forum for a presentation on the SoHo Broadway Public Realm Vision Plan with Mark Dicus, Mike Lydon, and Rebecca Karp.

Broadway is one of New York City’s most historic thoroughfares. In SoHo, the boulevard anchors a thriving community of arts and culture, busy storefronts, residential lofts and new office spaces. Though the neighborhood is equipped with rich transit access, traffic-choked streets outcompete pedestrians, highlighting the need for wider sidewalks and cleaner air.

For our event, SoHo Broadway Initiative will present their plan to repurpose the streetscape to shape a more walkable neighborhood. Following the presentation, Jee Mee Kim and April Schneider will join the discussion.

How could prioritizing people over parking help to build a thriving shopping and cultural district?

Listen back below.


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Partners ↓

This event is presented in partnership with SoHo Broadway Initiative, a Neighborhood Improvement District that serve those who live and work in SoHo Broadway Corridor. SoHo Broadway Initiative’s mission is to improve the neighborhood and foster a unique, vibrant, mixed-use district.