Tom Wright discusses RPA’s Crossing the Hudson, a report on transit between New Jersey to New York City.


” The network of travel options across the Hudson are managed by different agencies that serve different populations – it’s a vast jigsaw puzzle. People come from different parts of three states, travel to different parts, using different modes. So, we started with a fresh look at where they’re coming from, how growth will come from in future, and how best to manage it – not looking at one mode or another or one institutional barrier or another. Also, the priority was to bring new capacity as quickly as possible. I’m convinced New Jersey is already suffering by not having more capacity to the growing job market in Manhattan, and the potential failure of one or both major hubs – Penn Station or the Port Authority Bus Terminal – threatens New Jersey’s prosperity.” – Tom Wright


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Q&A With Tom Wright, a Man With a Plan For the Port Authority Bus Terminal, The Star-Ledger


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