Navid Maqami of S9ARCHITECTURE leads the design of The New York Wheel, the key to attracting tourists to Staten Island.

“Over 22 million people take the Staten Island Ferry every year, but a much smaller percentage of the tourists actually get off the ferry and step onto Staten Island itself. One goal for the project is also to increase the number of passengers yearly on the ferry to 32 million.”

“The New York Wheel will be a feat of engineering on many fronts, not just because of its height. Because of the nature of the land along the waterfront, the Wheel will be built using what Navid Maqami of S9 Architecture, the design lead for the New York Wheel, describes as “stilettos heels” that go deep down into the bedrock. The cost of the foundation for the wheel is projected at double the cost of the 950-space garage that will be at the site of the wheel.”


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Inside the Construction Site of the New York WheelUntapped Cities


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S9 Architecture


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