Matt Chaban explores several new buildings in New York City, featuring projects and reflections from many of our Fellows.
“Today, apart from the Empire State or Chrysler Building, there are few icons of the skyline. The buildings outlined above, however, may someday be worthy of appearing in a Times Square souvenir snow globe. These are the projects that have captured the imagination of more than a dozen shapers and observers of the city consulted by The New York Times for their perspective on the new standouts. You may not recognize these silhouettes, but in time, you will.” – Matt Chaban

“Because of the rising consciousness of architecture as a cultural artifact, and a goad to sales, the quality of everyday architecture is getting better in New York. In particular, some small midblock apartment buildings that used to just be generic redbrick monstrosities are now getting designed with some character. Chelsea Modern is just a very solid piece of architecture that exceeds the ordinary. It’s an interesting facade that pushes and pulls you. It’s assertive without being aggressive, well controlled and disciplined — a standout background building, the kind we should see more of in New York, and are. And I think the parenthesis of this is that single-female practitioners like Audrey’s firm are finally making it.” – Michael Sorkin

“Barclays Center has become one of the most important new public spaces and landmarks in the city, part of a larger narrative of the transformation of Downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Cultural District. Despite all the criticism about Atlantic Yards and the history of the development, the Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue crossroads is an important part of the city’s future and growth. Part of that is a network of pedestrian-oriented public spaces that connect people, transit and multiple uses.” – Justin Garrett Moore


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The New Shapes of New YorkNew York Times


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