Ken Greenberg gave a walking tour of Toronto’s “the Kings” to show the benefits of relaxed zoning laws on the community.
“Go to King and Spadina today and you can feel the pulse of life all around. Those who joined Mr. Greenberg on Friday’s walk passed a playground full of laughing kids, sidewalks full of rushing office workers, busy pubs, a high-end hardware store, a dollar store, a grocery store, a luxury hotel, condominiums – even a strip club, an odd leftover from sketchier times. Today the Kings boast the kind of active, walkable streets, urban variety and mixed uses that Ms. Jacobs, who died in 2006, identified as the essence of a successful city.

Mr. Greenberg says the experiment is the most dramatic example he knows of what he calls ‘subtractive urbanism.’ Just taking away restrictive rules and regulations can work marvels. It could go a long way to help ease today’s housing crunch.”


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Toronto’s Housing Crunch Could be Eased with Laissez-Faire Urban Planning, The Globe and Mail


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booledozer, Wikimedia Commons