Adrian Benepe congratulated San Francisco on being the only city in the country with a park within a 10-minute a for every resident.


“According to Adrian Benepe, urban parks director at TPL, the trust ‘measures how cities provide parks for the people who live there.’ Factors such as financial investment, the percentage of parkland, playgrounds, dog parks and rec parks are all considered in the TPL assessment.

‘The most important factor is how many people have a park within a ten-minute walk,’ Benepe told us. That standard is considered standard for accessibility for urban dwellers as most people can walk a half-mile in about 10 minutes.

‘For a number of years, San Francisco has been in the top five, but this year the city took the lead—and it’s a big deal,’ said Benepe. ‘San Francisco should be proud. We look closely at data — and had it not been for your visionary mayor who advocates for open space and secures funding — this would not have been possible.'” – Meaghan M. Mitchell, hoodline


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SF Tops Nation In Residents’ Proximity To Parks, hoodline


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