Navid Maqami describes S9 Architecture’s “modern contextualism” philosophy guiding their eclectic projects.

“Technically-speaking, S9 Architecture was founded 5 years ago, but they state that “in our current iteration, it was founded about a year and a half ago…when we started with the marketing and a newly designed website” led by their new Marketing Director Cayetana Nicanor. Despite only starting to market the firm so recently, it already has 72 employees working on a number of mostly urban, and some suburban, projects. Regarding their approach, Navid Maqami, Founding Partner says that “we are not a firm that is interested in object-making but more about really understanding each project and trying to develop it based on the context of the project, the program, the client goals, and weave everything together from what we find to come up with unique solutions.” For example, the firm recently completed Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a six million square foot industrial loft space housing more than 400 tenants in sixteen buildings and marquee space for the manufacturing, maker and creative class of New York. S9 asserts that they have no specific form they aim to impose, but at the same time they view their work as modern, contemporary, organic and ‘of our time’. This “modern contextualism”, as they call it, they claim as the defining feature that ties all of their work together.” – Ryan King, Archinect


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S9 Architecture is Remaking the City and Suburbs Through Iterative Design, Archinect


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