Leni Schwendinger kicked-off reSITE’s 2017 conference, In/Visible City, with a walk-through Prague at night to demonstrate how after-dark strategies can yield various equitable benefits.

The night before the conference’s two days of workshops, lectures and panel discussions, world-renowned lighting urbanist Leni Schwendinger kicked off festival proceedings and cast some light onto an oft-overlooked dimension of cities: night time. Schwendinger introduced her Nighttime Design initiative, a time-based discipline that develops innovative approaches to the urban after-dark environment and goes far beyond public safety and security concerns. Armed with a megaphone, Schwendinger led a group of over thirty night-time enthusiasts through the streets of Prague to observe the shades of the city after dark. Under glowing lanterns and colorful window displays, participants discussed heritage and gentrification – both topics with a significant nighttime dimension. Later in the festival, Schwendinger’s lecture illustrated how holistic after-dark strategies can engender social infrastructure, healthier communities and vibrant 24-hour economies, as well as improved safety and security.


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ReSITE 2017’s “The In/Visible City” Conference Unveils the Infrastructural Heart of Urbanism, ArchDaily


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Frank Spakowski/Wikimedia Commons