Jack Robbins imagines a tram line linking NYC’s five boroughs and New Jersey to spur growth and development.
With an estimated 83% of new residents expected to plant their roots in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens during the next 25 years, the need for more transportation options to distant parts of the city will grow. FXFOWLE has devised an ambitious plan to create an entirely new transit system: a suspended tram that would encircle the city, connecting the five boroughs and the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. The 57-mile “halo line” would pass over several bodies of water by running along existing infrastructure, including the George Washington, Bayonne and Verrazano bridges. The tram’s construction would be less disruptive than subway expansions and provide a mode of transportation that is operable in the event of widespread flooding, which is becoming increasingly likely. Crucially, it would provide new routes to LaGuardia Airport, Hunts Point Market and other hubs and spur development in far-flung areas such as St. George, Flatbush and East New York. The system would be within a half-mile of 1.7 million residents.

“If you look at New York City and other cities around the world, they’re investing in transportation infrastructure that really spurs growth and development.” – Jack Robbins


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