Regina Myer discusses the current projects at the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, and what to expect in the future.


“We are working on two specific park projects that should make a difference: BAM Park on Lafayette Avenue and Willoughby Square between Gold and Duffield streets. There’s also the concept of the Brooklyn Strand, which began with the partnership’s former president, Tucker Reed. We have this fantastic street system that hasn’t reached its full potential. We can change the landscape in terms of open space, pedestrian activity and connectivity between Downtown Brooklyn and the Navy Yard. I’m also excited about 
New York University’s expansion in the MetroTech area.”

“Some of this is about business partnerships, but big moves like increasing open space take government resources, and I certainly am poised to advocate for that.

In terms of zoning, projects like mixed-use towers from Alloy Development will need approvals, so we are strongly advocating for those as well, especially since many of them will include investments in public infrastructure.” – Regina Myer


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Remaking Downtown Brooklyn and the Williamsburg waterfront, Crain’s


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