Polly Trottenberg is skeptical about the politics behind the proposed congestion pricing plan proposed by Move NY despite agreeing it is necessary.


“Testifying on Monday, Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg acknowledged that between New York’s crumbling subways and booming population, the situation is dire. ‘We hear loud and clear from community boards, elected officials, businesses, and New Yorkers who drive, are stuck on the bus, or use crowded sidewalks, that they are frustrated by congestion and are asking the City for answers,’ she said.

However, Trottenberg said she is skeptical of Move NY’s case. ‘I have to say many attorneys over a lot of administrations have looked at this carefully and I think have confirmed that we have to get that authority from the state,’ she said.” – Emma Whitford, Gothamist


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There’s A New Push To Charge Drivers In Manhattan Below 60th Street, Gothamist


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