Guy Nordenson explains how the emergence of cable-stayed bridges occurred after the construction of New York City’s bridges.

“We haven’t built big bridges in a while, and the cable-stayed type emerged during that while.” – Guy Nordenson

“In the meantime, cable-stayed bridges have crossed Tampa Bay in Florida, the Mississippi River in Louisiana, the Charles River in Massachusetts and the Cooper River in South Carolina. They have risen in Mexico and Canada; in Spain, Russia, Norway, Greece, Germany and France; in Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and China — indeed, all over China.

When plans for the new Kosciuszko Bridge were being developed in 2010, nearby neighborhoods were asked about four bridge types: cable-stayed; through arch, like the Hell Gate Bridge; deck arch; and box girder. Of the 121 people who submitted comments to the transportation agency, 53 preferred a cable-stayed bridge and 37 the through arch.” – David Dunlap, New York Times


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NYC Department of Transportation