Hudson Yards lies at the crossroads of what I call the “High Culture Corridor” and the “Popular Culture Corridor.” The “High Culture Corridor” extends from the new Whitney on Gansevoort along the High Line to the future Culture Shed at Hudson Yards. It is a lively area populated with galleries, restaurants, tourists and parks. The “Popular Culture Corridor” falls largely along the 7 Subway Line, linking the stadiums in Flushing, the arts communities of Long Island City, the theaters of 42nd Street, and Hudson Yards, but there is still incredible untapped potential here.

Let’s push the extension of the 7 Line to Secaucus and bring the subway to New Jersey. The possibilities are extraordinary. We could host the Super Bowl at Meadowlands but its kick-off party in the middle of Manhattan. We could make Long Island City into a regional destination by promoting its art galleries and museums. We could draw new numbers to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. And Hudson Yards could serve as a booming new cultural heart for the city.