Care for Hudson Square

As New York City reopens in the coming months, our streetscapes will be the sites of convening, culture and healing. Urban Design Forum, Hudson Square Properties, and the Hudson Square BID led a competition for a placemaking installation to contribute to the reopening of Hudson Square.
Proposals ↓
Restorative Ground by WIP Collaborative proposes an installation that will act as a new destination in Hudson Square, a place for a range of experiences, activities and interactions to occur between residents, community members, and the broader public.

Taller KEN

Proposal ▻ Care for Hudson Square
This strategy of placemaking at Little 6th Avenue reflects the wealth of cultural and educational institutions in the area and proposes to support the outdoor movement and activities of pedestrians and residents, facilitating responsible social interactions, planned and spontaneous, and help to build engagement for other sites in Hudson Square both in person and virtually.
Against the rush of the 24 hour news cycle and whiplash politics of the day, Dash Marshall proposes a slow space for Hudson Square. Viewsstand brings Hudson Square’s history into dialogue with the present by creating a newsstand on Little 6th Avenue and converting the street to a plaza of reflection and conversation.