New York City’s major thoroughfares move over 700,000 vehicles into the city each day. Yet our midcentury public works – like the BQE, FDR Drive, Belt Parkway, and Sheridan Expressway – are all overdue for renovation.

How should our arterials be repurposed to support public over private transit, green over gray infrastructure, and safety over traffic flow? How can we use rebuilt roads to enhance the public realm, and unite once divided communities? And how can we ensure future infrastructure will require less upkeep?

On October 18, we were joined by Elena Conte, Susannah Drake, Margaret Newman, Jennifer Pehr and Nicholas Pettinati to hear original proposals for re-thinking New York City’s arterial roadways.


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Susannah Drake, DLANDstudio
Cap the BQE with Green

Margaret Newman, Arup
Rethinking Arterials

Jennifer Pehr, SOM
Recycle and Reclaim


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