In April 2014, fellows of the Urban Design Forum convened with top housing officials and experts to discuss the state of American public housing.
Across the nation, cities from New Orleans to Chicago have razed and replaced housing projects with mixed-use communities, housing vouchers, and tax credits. New York City is one of the last remaining cities to preserve its “tower in the park” developments, which remain home to as many as 600,000 residents. Yet the challenges facing the Housing Authority are mounting: aging buildings in need of repair; a 26% unemployment rate; and 160,000 families on the wait list.
How will we restore and redesign our aging public housing stock? Should public housing stay public? And how will our cities provide essential affordable housing moving forward? 
Our dinner kicked off The Housing Question, a series of events focused on housing affordability and the role of government in assuring its equitable supply.

Image Credit: Reed Young