Join Urban Design Forum for a presentation of the Broadway Vision Plan with Emily Weidenhof, Jonathan Hawkins, Jeffrey Shumaker, and Melissa How.

Broadway serves as the connecting spine of all of Manhattan. To support safety and expand foot traffic, the City has increasingly transformed parts of the thoroughfare to be pedestrian-friendly. The permanent closure of vehicular traffic in Times Square two decades ago supported a bold expansion of the public realm and served as an alternative model for New York City streets.

For our event, Emily Weidenhof and Jonathan Hawkins presented recent and proposed street designs on Broadway that expand public space for pedestrians, increase mobility for bicyclists, and support economic recovery for small businesses in the neighborhood. Following the presentation, Jeffrey Shumaker and Melissa How joined the discussion.

Listen back below.


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This event is presented in partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation, the agency of the government of New York City responsible for the management of much of New York City’s transportation infrastructure.