On May 27, join us for a dialogue on how New York and London can support a resilient retail landscape in response to Covid-19.

Because of the crisis, retail faces enormous uncertainty that is likely to accelerate market trends challenging high streets. Small and immigrant-owned businesses in neighborhoods hardest-hit by the pandemic are often least able to access economic relief. In order to reopen safely, local businesses will require public leadership around financial assistance and design solutions that maintain social distancing.

Alongside our City Life After Coronavirus inquiry, we continue our exchange with New London Architecture to consider: How can both cities design a resilient retail landscape in response to Covid-19?
The live webinar will take place simultaneously in both cities and begin promptly at 09:00 in New York and 14:00 in London.



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The Urban Design Forum promotes conversation between invited civic leaders, designers, developers and advocates. This event is open to Forum Fellows and the general public.


About NYLON ↓

This event is the seventeenth dialogue in our NYLON series, a key part of our Global Exchange program. In association with New London Architecture, the Centre for Architecture, and KPF, this live video seminar taking place simultaneously in both cities brings together speakers and audiences to foster cross-city dialogue and learning between London and New York. Van Alen Institute is serving as a promotional partner for this event.