Scholars Shayari De Silva, Carly Dickson, Ryan Roark, and Peng Wang will briefly present research from their travels to London and Tokyo investigating dense urban living, new neighborhood development, and transit infrastructure. Following their presentations, KPF President Jamie von Klemperer will join in conversation with New London Architecture’s Peter Murray and SO-IL’s Florian Idenburg to reflect on lessons for New York from London and Tokyo.

2016 Fellows (Tokyo):
Shayari de Silva
Yale School of Architecture
Peng Wang
University of Pennsylvania School of Design

2017 Fellows (London):
Carly Dickson
Harvard Graduate School of Design
Ryan Roark
Princeton University School of Architecture


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About Paul Katz ↓

Paul Katz was the Managing Principal and President of KPF from 2009 to 2014. His career focused on the realization of large, complex, mixed-use projects in high-density center-city locations. Projects he helped bring to life include Roppongi Hills in Tokyo; Canary Wharf in London; Hudson Yards in New York; the expansion of Covent Garden and redevelopment of Earls Court in London; and the renovation of The Landmark complex in Central, Hong Kong.


About the Fellowship ↓

The Paul Katz/KPF Fellowship for Post-Graduate Study of the City was established in 2014 in honor of the life and work of Paul Katz. Two fellowships are awarded each year to assist international students in their pursuit of studying issues of global urbanism upon graduation from a masters of architecture program from the five East Coast universities at which Paul studied or participated as a teacher (Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.) The Fellowship is supported through the generosity of people who worked closely with Mr. Katz, including friends, clients, colleagues and KPF.