Join us for a conversation with Barcelona’s Chief Architect Xavi Matillas Ayala and Deputy Chief Architect Sílvia Casorrán Martos on reenvisioning streets to shape safe and sustainable neighborhoods.

Barcelona’s ambitious Superblocks program reimagined its city streets as a place for people over cars. Since the program began in 2016, traffic was restricted to major roads around the city center which opened up the neighborhood to pedestrians and cyclists. Since then, cities around the world have looked to Barcelona as a transformative example to co-design with residents and shape healthier neighborhoods.

For our event, Xavi and Sílvia will share recent expansion of Barcelona’s superblocks and Protegim les escoles (We Protect Schools), a safety program to reduce car traffic and expand play areas around schools. Following their presentation, Sean Quinn and Génesis Abreu will join the discussion. How can New York City learn from Barcelona’s bold initiatives to create safer and more accessible streets?

Listen back below.


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