For the capstone of the Forefront Fellowship program, we visited Hudson Yards – the largest private real estate development project in the history of the US. Forum Vice President Timur Galen, who is overseeing the development of Hudson Yards as the Executive VP of Related Companies,  provided our Fellows with a tour and talkback of the still under construction campus.

Constantine Kontokosta, Quantified Communities head at the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP),  provided an overview of the unprecedented data collection effort at Hudson Yards. CUSP will deploy sensors to monitor everything from waste collection to pedestrian interactions throughout the entire project. Data collected will contribute to a model for future sustainable, data-driven urban development worldwide.


Forum Vice President, Timur Galen, reveals the essential role technology plays in the marketing and experience of Hudson Yards.

Fellows get a special tour of the recent development at Hudson Yards along the High Line, including The Shed.

Forefront Fellows enjoying a unique guide of the latest Hudon Yards developments.

The Shed.

The recently opened entrance to 10 Hudson Yards.

Construction of The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards.

Forefront Fellows learn about the complex financing behind the massive development.

Fellows enjoying a Northern view from the 31st floor on 10 Hudson Yards.

Constantine Kontokosta details the various layers and sources of data that is essential to understanding the functioning of Hudson Yards.

Forefront Fellow Alan Waxman eagerly jumpstarted the conversation with some jests and provocations.

Forefront Fellow Ifeoma Ebo asks how the collection of data can ensure public safety.

Timur Galen responds to Jeremy Siegel’s question about how reactive the design of Hudson Yards is to adjust to the insights gained from data and sensors.

Forefront Fellow Lindsey Realmuto inquiries about the role of data for understanding public health.

Caroline Bauer and Dan McPhee thank all the Forefront Fellows for their work all year with a toast of champagne.