Rather than cut ribbons, New York City’s next mayor should take on the radical work of rebuilding our essential infrastructure. The situation is dire: our subway system is in crisis, our public housing is collapsing, and our major roadways are crumbling.

Our latest publication, Maintaining: Public Works in the Next New York, pairs bold ideas from leading architects, planners, developers and advocates in New York with informative case studies from 17 cities around the world. The book investigates how chronic underinvestment undermines our essential infrastructure—open spaces, roadways, subways, public housing, commercial corridors, and green infrastructure.

On July 8, contributing authors April De Simone, Deborah MartonJamie Maslyn Larson and Hilary Sample strategized how to build a political movement around reinvestment.


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About Maintaining

Maintaining: Public Works in the Next New York is the culmination of a year-long series led by the Urban Design Forum in 2017-18 that invited civic leaders to propose novel approaches to address the city’s maintenance crisis.


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The Urban Design Forum is pleased to partner with the Mulberry Street Library for the launch of Maintaining.