On January 16, Forefront Fellows Sreoshy Banerjea, Yuan Lai and Alison Von Glinow proposed a co-living housing model to support new immigrant arrivals in New York City.

Recognizing that new arrival immigrants face numerous barriers to housing, especially affordable housing, the Forefront Housing team invited the Forefront Cohort and panelists to explore their concept for a co-living housing model to overcome these barriers.

Key questions explored were:

  • Can co-living alleviate housing pressures/conflicts during an immigrant’s early arrival? What are the limits and potential?
  • How could policy play a role in co-living, specifically for the immigrants?
  • What are innovative means to develop a co-living housing project for immigrants?
  • What are unique elements of co-living in architecture, design and programming?
  • What would be the best ways to communicate the co-living model to immigrant communities?