Creating a Sustainable L.A. By Increasing Density

Thom Mayne offers a densification strategy to absorb new citizens in Los Angles in the face of climate change and resource scarcity.


“This densification strategy would allow more Los Angeles residents to live a public transit-based lifestyle in a moderate coastal climate zone — one less prone to wildfires, extreme heat days and associated spikes in electricity consumption. The strategy also diminishes water demand from single-family lawns, reduces vehicular emissions associated with sprawl, and protects an area 10 times its size —150,000 acres — that would have to be developed to meet housing demand at L.A.’s current densities. By building upward instead of outward, the corridor could easily create 70% more public open space for stormwater capture, habitat, and heat diffusion.”

Thom Mayne


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Adding 1 Million People Along the Wilshire Corridor Could Help L.A. Create a Sustainable City, LA Times


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