Forefront is an annual initiative dedicated to cultivating emerging leaders in urban design, development and policy. Each year, 20 individuals under the age of 40 are selected as Forefront Fellows and participate in dedicated conversations and site visits around an annual theme. Fellows meet monthly, share projects, and receive feedback from their peers and other established leaders in the field. Applications for Forefront 2017 are now available!
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For the capstone of the Forefront Fellowship program, we visited Hudson Yards - the largest private real estate development project in the history of the US.
On February 21, 6 Forefront Fellows were invited to present individual projects on infrastructure and public space to their cohort and guest critic Miriam Roure, of Urban-X.
Our third Fellow spotlight session will feature five fellows working on projects impacting the city in a myriad of ways. While it is hard to find a common thread between the group, all in some way deal with the topics of civic technology, equity and public space.
The Lowline is a plan to use innovative solar technology to illuminate an historic trolley terminal on the Lower East Side of New York City. Join us for a tour of the Lowline Lab, a long-term open laboratory and technical exhibit designed to test and showcase how the Lowline will grow and sustain plants underground.
Our fifth Forefront Urban Experience Design event explores how crowdfunding technology is changing the way we build our cities. The evening will bring together two very different civic projects made possible by equally different crowdfunding platforms.