Our programs promote conversation between our Fellows and invited decision-makers on the critical issues facing our cities.

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Maintenance: A Retrospective

Event ▻ Maintaining
Join Eloise Hirsh, Sam Schwartz, Margaret Tobin, and Deborah Marton for a retrospective on caring for New York City’s public assets from the fiscal crisis to today.

Hudson Yards

For the capstone of the Forefront Fellowship program, we visited Hudson Yards - the largest private real estate development project in the history of the US.
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On February 21, 6 Forefront Fellows were invited to present individual projects on infrastructure and public space to their cohort and guest critic Miriam Roure, of Urban-X.
On February 16, the Forum hosted a tour of the Public Design Commission Archives! Some of the highlights included a maintaining budget from Robert Moses, and some rather peculiar street signs!
In the last two weeks, New Yorkers have taken to the streets to defend our city’s values of diversity and inclusion. In this turbulent political climate, public spaces like Times Square are critical to our democracy: as places where people can safely speak their minds and agitate in defense of their families and neighbors.

New Working Neighborhoods

Event ▻ NY-LON
New working districts are evolving in major cities across the world, with hubs of talent and creativity taking shape beyond the center. How are the global cities, New York and London, transforming their neighborhoods to accommodate new ways of working?
Our third Fellow spotlight session will feature five fellows working on projects impacting the city in a myriad of ways. While it is hard to find a common thread between the group, all in some way deal with the topics of civic technology, equity and public space.
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The Urban Design Forum is the proud curatorial partner for the 2017 Times Square Valentine Heart Design competition, led by Times Square Arts. Designed by The Office for Creative Research, We Were Strangers Too, is a public data sculpture highlighting the role that immigrants have played in the founding, development and continued vibrancy of New York City.
Heart to Heart is a temporary public structure that symbolizes how New Yorkers depend on each other, especially at a moment where opening our hearts is most important than ever.
Blind Love is a participatory art project inviting New Yorkers to write love letters to those people who remain in our nation's blind spots during the current era of mass incarceration.
Heartfelt is a participatory public art project which prompts two or more participants to put away their phones and hold hands to light up Times Square, the Heart of NYC.
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Next New York

Publication ▻ Next New York (2013)
During the spring of 2013, the Forum for Urban Design invited distinguished civic leaders, developers and designers to pitch bold visions for a more competitive, livable and sustainable New York. The result was a collection of forty courageous proposals imagining rebuilt infrastructure, reformed government, and an animated public realm.
The By the City/For the City projected started with a simple idea: anybody that has walked the streets of New York has at one point imagined how the built form could be changed to make a better city. This publication is an index of the 602 ideas that the general public submitted, and they cover topics such as accessibility, beauty, connectivity, enjoyment, and social equity.
In May 2007, the Cities Conference on Urban Design gathered for the first time the chief planners of Boston, London, New York, Singapore, Toronto, and Vancouver. Over the course of two days, at a variety of venues in Manhattan, they examined common challenges, shared urban design strategies and argued over what defines a successful city. More